[OSM-talk] How to save Tracks from GPS as .gpx

Joerg Ostertag openstreetmap at ostertag.name
Fri Mar 3 22:36:54 GMT 2006


> Actually, the GPS Utility I'm using is actually called "GPS Utility" -
> it seems to be a generic one that handles multiple devices. I've
> linked to its home page in the article, you can download it from
> there.

I like the "Garmin Mapsource" bacause it's delivered with the Garmin GPS, and 
you can first delete/edit the tracks which have errors in it or the ones 
which are reduced to inacurate Tracks because of saving as Track inside the 

> > For Unix:
> >  gpsbabel -t -w -i garmin -o gpx -F <OUTFILE.gpx>
> Unfortunately, I wouldn't presume to write a "How To" unless I can
> actually follow the instructions myself. 

I can test this again as soon as my "e-map" comes back from it's Track 
collection Trip from NZ ;-)

> The other point is that I 
> don't like how to guides that diverge for various technologies. My
> thinking on a "How to" is that the reader ought to be able to get
> going without having to constantly answer questions. In other words
> the conditional flow of the document should be kept to a minimum.

Maybe you can add a decission Page before your HOWTO Page. 
- Unix
   - Garmin
   - Serial Mouse
   - USB Mouse
- Windows
   - Garmin
   - Serial Mouse
   - USB Mouse



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