[OSM-talk] How to save Tracks from GPS as .gpx

Oliver White streetmap at blibbleblobble.co.uk
Sun Mar 5 20:58:14 GMT 2006

It would probably be useful to separate HowTo's into:
 * The protocols available (benefits of each, and how to select them on 
various GPS units)
 * The physical connection options
 * Programs available for transferring data, with links to their helpfiles and 
example usage
 * Programs available for visualising and editing the data

While it's easy to write down the steps that you personally use to transfer 
data, and I certainly recommend people do that locally, it would be confusing 
to point the general public to that as a "HowTo" without knowing what exactly 
they want to do with the data, and what resources (cables, computers, 
software, GPS units) they have available.  e.g. assuming they're using a 
program that isn't even available for many computers.

On a related note, if anyone knows about connecting Macs to Garmin units, I'd 
be interested to know (can you get USB cables for them without the ugly 
USB-serial adapters? Howabout on ebay?)


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