[OSM-talk] How to save Tracks from GPS as .gpx

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Sun Mar 5 21:13:09 GMT 2006

Quoting Oliver White <streetmap at blibbleblobble.co.uk>:

> On a related note, if anyone knows about connecting Macs to Garmin units, I'd
> be interested to know (can you get USB cables for them without the ugly
> USB-serial adapters? Howabout on ebay?)

I still use an ugly USB-serial adaptor, I'm afraid (a Keyspan 'PDA' 
model), with
both my Power Mac and iBook. But it's pretty simple. Serial cables are 
cheap on eBay, and the cigarette lighter power is useful if you do any 
in your car.

MacGPSBabel is probably the most direct piece of software to use, though
MacSimpleGPS is all right. I'd be wary of the (just-released) OS X version of
GPSy - I used to use it the OS 9 version, but found out, far too late, 
that its
automatic translation from lat/long to OSGB was pretty approximate. A 
lot of my
oldest files now await serious demunging before they can go into OSM. :(


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