[OSM-talk] Street Labels

Immanuel Scholz immanuel.scholz at gmx.de
Mon Mar 13 08:29:45 GMT 2006


>> I use JOSM to set the lables for streets etc.  With JOSM you can select
>> streets using Shift+Click or by dragging a bounding box around the area
>> you
>> want to select.  You can then add or edit lables for everything that is
>> selected in one go.  Very quick to use.
> Well not really quick, since I can't get it to run. The only one I get
> running is osmpedit :-(
> svn.openstreetmap.org/java$  ./runapplet.sh $OSMUSER $OSMPASSWORD

Urks... You are trying to run the java applet as a stand-alone
application. While you theoretically can do this, it is far more
convinient to use the online version at the website ;-)

JOSM is an other application not located within the subversion at
openstreetmap. Download the latest pre-compiled at
http://www.eigenheimstrasse.de/josm/josm-latest.jar or compile it yourself
using http://www.eigenheimstrasse/svn/josm.

You need at least Java 1.5 to run JOSM.

Ciao, Imi.

PS: To run the applet locally, you have to fix the runapplet.sh (which is
outdated) to include the processing-jar files from the java/lib/
subdirectory and then pass "--user=<username> --pass=<password>" as
parameter. ;-)

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