[OSM-talk] newbie needs hand-holding

RolyMo rolymo at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 10:40:12 BST 2006

Hi all.

Having heard the OSM segment on LugRadio, I am very excited about the
work being done on OSM and would love to help... but I don't know
ANYTHING about how to get started.

I have gone through the wiki, the news archive and scanned through the
headings of the talk list archives, reading threads that appear to be
down at my level.

The most appropriate to me was a fairly recent one:

At present, I am tempted to buy the Geko 201 because its the only one
with documentation - but I get the impression that there may be better
options.  (I'm looking to add tracks from within my car.)

Web research overwhelms me with information about how well GPS can
give me a map and directions of a proposed route.  Obviously, the OSM
project requires almost the opposite functionality.

I'd really appreciate suggestions.  Remember - I don't have the first
clue at this stage about what hardware I need, how to connect it to my
Mac laptop or Ubuntu/XP desktops or what software is required to
upload something useful to OSM.

Is a handheld appropriate for gathering data in a car?  Is it a better
solution to add GPS harware to my PowerBook?

In an email to Steve Coast, I have committed to collect as much
information as I can for a beginner's page on the wiki.  Any help,
whether general terms or something specific to my own needs would be

Many thanks,


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