[OSM-talk] Improving community within the OSM site

Thomas Walraet thomas at walraet.com
Wed May 24 12:26:38 BST 2006

Andy Robinson a écrit :
> The discussion is about making the edit changes for the mapping identifiable
> by user id.

I add that in my humble opinion this is not an optionnal feature for 
OSM. We can actually consider that the REST API (and planet.xml) is in 
violation of the licence used by users to contribute. The attribution 
clause of the CC-by-sa is not satisfied.

For those who don't read legal-talk, Steve agree that we should had 
something as the "display name" of public trace for all data 
contributed, but prefer to first wait a real privacy policy defined by 
the OSMF.

Given the privacy concern, it seems wise to first organize how the OSMF 
will take decision instead of making arbitrary change.

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