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Lars Aronsson lars at aronsson.se
Wed Aug 1 16:46:46 BST 2007

Dave Stubbs wrote:

> The shop tag went overnight from being, "just write down the 
> kind of shop it is", to being "shop tags that have been approved 
> are butcher, baker, chandler". Which is so silly, it's silly.

In Sweden there are cafes, bread bakeries, sweet bakeries, and 
cafes with their own bakery ("konditori").  Sometimes you don't 
know if the cafe has its own bakery or not.  In the 1950s there 
were "radio cafes", later adopted to "TV cafes", where you could 
go to listen to radio or watch TV if you didn't have one at home, 
on condition that you also ordered something to eat.  Today we 
have "sport bars" which are pubs with large screen TVs for 
football games. Back when Sweden had a stronger alcohol 
restriction (same time as the U.S. prohibition), there were no 
pubs, but special "restaurants" where you had to order some food 
if you wanted to order alcohol.  Nobody went there to eat, because 
the food was terrible, just an excuse for drinking.  A beggar 
would follow you, so you could order two meals of food with two 
drinks.  You would drink twice, and the beggar would help you by 
eating your compulsory food.  Or so the story goes.

Conclusion: The "type" of a cafe or restaurant is a matter of self 
description or marketing, just like the name.  Let each mapper 
write what ever type they want, and we can do statistics on the 
types afterwards.

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