[OSM-talk] Mapnik style in slippy map

David Earl david at frankieandshadow.com
Fri Aug 3 09:43:33 BST 2007

On 02/08/2007 15:08, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Hi,
>> What would be even more useful would be a count of paired  
>> occurences (k=v).
> Here's a list with the top-30 tags (computed separeately for nodes  
> and ways), and for each you have the top-10 values:

I'm sure this is a useful approach that will bear fruit. However, I 
think there are tags that will not be frequently used because there 
simply aren't that many of the objects on the ground. I have in mind 
man_made=windmill, of which I have 5 or 6 in my area, compared to 
thousands of roads, and scores of schools.

Personally, I think *everything* with a name should at least have the 
name rendered, with a generic area shading or a generic node bullet if 
it isn't one of the specially rendered things. But given that 
disagreement is a way of life on this list, I'm sure there will be a 
camp that disagrees with that notion.


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