[OSM-talk] highway=restarea?

Raphael Studer studerap at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 11:54:00 BST 2007

> In Germany, there are attached to motorways service areas, with
> fuelling, something to eat, etc.  There are also frequent rest areas,
> which definitely have parking spaces, frequently (but by no means
> always) have a toilet and wooden tables and sometimes have a small cafe.
> These rest areas aren't strictly comparable with a "proper" service area.

In Switzerland there are the same areas attached to motorways. Often
there is also a public phone next to the parking space.

"proper" service areas often also have a shop and a restaurant within
the fuel station.

> Looking at mapping features, there doesn't yet seem to be a suitable tag
> for these areas.  highway=services might mislead people into believing
> they can use a toilet or obtain fuel.  highway=motorway_link doesn't
> seem right.  Two possibilities occur to me:
>   - Use highway=services, define the services available more
> specifically (so highway=services is just a classification, it doesn't
> automatically imply amenity=fuel)

>   - Use highway=unclassified or highway=motorway_link and add
> amenity=parking;toilets;cafe as appropriate

I would use highway=service for the road and amenity=... for the area,
depending on what there is.
Means amenity=parking;fuel;restaurant;toilets;telephone; for "proper"
service areas and
amenity=parking;toilets;telephone for small service areas.


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