[OSM-talk] highway=restarea?

Cameron Patrick cameron at patrick.wattle.id.au
Thu Aug 9 18:13:46 BST 2007

David Groom wrote:

> >more than a single tank of fuel between towns; they sell fuel, food,
> >have payphones, often provide accomodation, often tow trucks, and are in
> >contact with the nearest doctors and mechanics.  Others are found just
> >outside towns in areas where highways bypass towns.  I've tagged them as
> >highway=town so that they show up on the map at lower zoom level, but
> >this isn't really ideal :-) (From what I can tell, mapnik doesn't render
> >highway=service at all.)
> yes it does  - see the short stub of road just above the name "Carisbrooke 
> Castle" at:
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=50.68712411505054&lon=-1.3136710909320428&zoom=17&layers=B0F
> Note that highway = service is for a narrow road feature, and is used for 
> tagging ways.  highway = services is used to tag nodes to mark " A service 
> station to get food and eat something"

Argh.  Sorry, that was a typo - I intended to write highway=services
(which was the tag mentioned in the e-mail I was replying to, and which
is not mentioned at all in the mapnik rules).


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