[OSM-talk] highway=restarea?

Alex S. maps at swavely.com
Thu Aug 9 16:57:36 BST 2007

In the USA, along side the Interstate highways, and in some cases US and 
State Routes, there are marked 'Rest Areas' where there is: parking 
(often segregated between cars and HGVs/vehicles with trailers, but not 
always); restrooms; usually a dog walk; occasionally free coffee; 
sometimes Wi-Fi access.

If there are services (fuel, cafe, etc), there's usually a small town 
(village sized or so) associated with it.

At least that's the case everywhere I've been.

Jon Bright wrote:
> In Germany, there are attached to motorways service areas, with 
> fuelling, something to eat, etc.  There are also frequent rest areas, 
> which definitely have parking spaces, frequently (but by no means 
> always) have a toilet and wooden tables and sometimes have a small cafe. 
> These rest areas aren't strictly comparable with a "proper" service area.

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