[OSM-talk] Notebook scans

Nick Whitelegg nick at hogweed.org
Mon Aug 13 08:53:44 BST 2007

On Sunday 12 Aug 2007 22:58, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Hi,
> > I can't decide whether this is a good idea or not.  So far I take the
> > approach of being transparent but cussed, i.e. it is good to keep a legal
> > record but on a least effort basis and if some company doubts my word
> > that I've visited an area, they are welcome to send a representative to
> > my house at a time to my convenience wherever I may be in the world. 
> > What do others think?!
> I, too, have always thought the "accountability" aspect was handled at
> much too high a priority in OSM. It is not me who has to prove that I
> didn't copy something from a map - it is the map owner who has to prove
> that I infringed on his copyright!

I would have thought that commercial map companies take a "as long as you're 
not taking the p*ss, you're alright" approach. This is not intended as 
professional advice but just a gut feeling - but, I'd have said that 
commercial mapping companies are not in the business of attempting to slander 
OSM surveyors for commercial advantage. They just don't want us infringing 
their copyright. For this reason, TBH I myself don't really see the need to 
keep records (there's enough of that in the rest of life these days!) - and 
if I did, it would detract from the pleasure of mapping. 

This is just an opinion - please don't take it as advice, professional or 


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