[OSM-talk] Country Specific Route Markers

Brent Easton b.easton at exemail.com.au
Wed Aug 15 04:03:33 BST 2007

Could someone post a brief summary of the the current state of play with country-specific route marking (i.e. showing the correct highway/state/tourist route shields) in both Mapnik and Osmarender?

Is there a wiki page for this?

Is there a consensus on the best way to encode this information now?

We have developed a scheme to use in Australia to mark Australian routes using a ref:au= tag:

 ref:au=NR1     National Route - Highway 1 - (black on white shield)
 ref:au=NH31    National Highway - (yellow on green shield)
 ref:au=MR2     Metroad - (blue on white hexagon)
 ref:au=S151    State Route - (white on blue shield)
 ref:au=T5      Tourist Route - (white on brown Pentagon)
 ref:au=A1      A Roads (yellow on green rectangle)
 ref:au=B2      B Roads (yellow on green rectangle)
 ref:au=C3      C Roads (yellow on green rectangle)
 ref:au=M4      Motorways(yellow on green rectangle)

Is this the correct way to go? 

I notice Norway seems to be using


so using the standard ref= tag, but adding the is_in tag to allow later Norway specific processing.

A couple of us here would be interested in putting some effort into moving this project along.


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