[OSM-talk] Highway tagging in general around the world

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Wed Aug 15 11:59:18 BST 2007

Brent Easton wrote:

> Is this realistically going to happen in my lifetime? Do we have the  
>  entire world's country boundaries recorded to the required level of  
>  detail to be able to efficiently calculate which country any   
> particular segment is in? Is it going to be able to cope with   
> complex borders wrapping around sections of other countries?

Well, I don't know your expected lifespan :), but yes, it is  
realistically going to happen.

Effectively it's a very similar situation to the coastlines, which  
aren't perfect yet, but which are coming on nicely. The difference is  
that instead of painting blue/white, you're actually painting in n  
different colours, one for each country.

The rough data is available (again from VMAP0) and, as ever, we can  
refine it as we go along. Efficiency is easy enough if you're prepared  
to put a bit of work into the data structures, and again, I think  
we're learning a lot from coastlines.

Of course OSM always needs more developers. svn access is that way --->

For now, is_in is a handy "quick fix" which can be superseded by  
boundaries, and doesn't break anything else.


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