[OSM-talk] Name finder abbreviations and concatenations

David Earl david at frankieandshadow.com
Sat Aug 18 19:19:45 BST 2007

Calling non-English speakers...

Following the recent discussion about recognising concatenations 
("Budapesterplatz" vs "Budapester Platz") and abbreviations 
("Budapesterpl." or "Budapester Pl."), I have created a wiki page at


to collect these and implement them in due course. It has a full list of 
what is already done, what I propose to add for English at the same time 
as I do the work to enable concatenations, and the non-English ones 
people told me about recently (Dutch and German).

Could you add to the collection, please?

I'd be especially grateful for contributions from Scandinavian and 
Eastern European countries.

If you add ones for languages non-latin character sets, it would be 
helpful if you can put a note at the beginning of the section for your 
country which explains how names are structured and anything that may 
help me to recognise variations.


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