[OSM-talk] Slippy Map update

Jon Burgess jburgess777 at googlemail.com
Sun Aug 19 01:05:34 BST 2007

On Sun, 2007-08-19 at 09:46 +1000, Brent Easton wrote:
> Ok, let me rephrase.
> I made a large number of changes in the week leading up to this past
> Wednesday. It is now Sunday and despite repeated viewing of the
> various areas at different zoom levels and clearing of the IE cache
> over the past few days, I see no evidence of my changes.
Can you include a link to the map showing where your edits should show
up (e.g. right click the 'view' or 'permalink' and copy & paste the

Which layer: Mapnik (default layer on main map) or
Osamarender/Tiles at Home ?

> What time of day and in which time zone does the 'planet
> dump'/'database load' usually finish and so one might expect the new
> data to start appearing on the slippy map.

> What time of day and in which time zone is the cutoff time when
> updates you make are too late to be included in the planet dump?

I don't know the precise details. In general it is Wednesday in the UK
(i.e. BST/UTC timezone).

> Thanks,
> Brent.

There may be other reasons why your data has not appeared, for instance
if you have not created and tagged the ways correctly. 

If you can give us the map link then we'll be able to check both the
rendered map and the underlying data.


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