[OSM-talk] On tertiary highways

David Earl david at frankieandshadow.com
Sun Aug 19 11:46:58 BST 2007

On 18/08/2007 21:11, Tom Chance wrote:
> On Saturday 18 August 2007 19:46:51 Dermot McNally wrote:
>> I do most of my mapping in Ireland, where there's no official road
>> classification that maps readily to tertiary. However, I find it very
>> useful to indicate a road which, while unclassified, has a greater
>> significance for through traffic that isn't shared by other
>> unclassified roads.
> Same here in the UK. In urban areas I mark through-roads that are wider than 
> residential roads as tertiary. In rural areas I mark roads that have two 
> lanes, or that are wide enough for easy passing, to differentiate them from 
> the tiny country lanes you wouldn't want to go down unless your destination 
> was on them.
> Kind regards,
> tom

That's exactly what I've been doing to in and around Cambridge. It gives 
a much better impression of the structure of a settlement and the roads 
between them.

It's often obvious, but sometimes a matter of judgement which roads to 
prioritise, but I'm pleased to say that on the whole I've 
(independently, of course) chosen the same roads as Google maps do for 
this treatment.


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