[OSM-talk] On tertiary highways

Michael Eric Menk mikemenk at yahoo.no
Tue Aug 21 09:10:35 BST 2007

Jon Bright wrote:
> Hi,
> Michael Eric Menk wrote:
>> Alex L. Mauer wrote:
>>> I'm surprised to see unclassified described as one-lane roads.  I
>>> understand these to be essentially the same as residential streets, 
>>> only
>>> without residences.  One-lane roads would all be tracks, if you ask me.
>> I drove on a road yesterday which you call a track. The traffic on 
>> this "track" flowed at speeds between 80-90kph.
> I think there's been a misunderstanding here.  Alex was referring to 
> roads that actually have one lane, not one lane in each direction.  
> I'd be... surprised if such a road had traffic at 80-90kph :-)
I can see you have not driven much in Norway. I WAS referring to ONE
SHARED LANE, and yes, the traffic goes in 80-90kph, and some drive
faster.. (thats crazy..) 18-wheeles drive a bit slower, but they keep up
the speed where there not to many sharp turns.

Some pictures of the wide parts of a single lane main route.

Where I drove on Sunday, there were no rock cliff beside the road, so
you can see far in front of you.

The speed limit on the upper image is 80kph....

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