[OSM-talk] switchable roadways

Alex S. maps at swavely.com
Mon Aug 20 22:59:56 BST 2007

There are a couple of limited-access freeways in my city which switch 
directions called "Express Lanes".  Specifically, in the morning, they 
all run toward downtown, then are closed for an hour while they switch 
all the signs and tow away any disabled vehicles, then they open up in 
the opposite direction until around midnight.

I'm not sure how I would tag this.

I figured so far that I would leave the freeway unmarked, directionally, 
and mark the access restrictions on the link roads instead.  This works 
out just fine for most of the link roads, because they connect in 
different places, like here:

However, there are a couple of link roads that do serve traffic in both 
directions, such as this one:

Anyone have a suggestion?

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