[OSM-talk] Mapping Qs: Hotel Complex? Beach? Enclosed Woodland?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Aug 21 11:01:21 BST 2007


     I'm back from a short beach holiday on the island of Majorca  
(which is technically in Spain but the islanders tend to think  

This is the area I've been mapping:


For a laugh, zoom to the village of Canyamel on the southern end of  
that map and see how Google suggests there's a road connecting both  
parts of the village, when in fact there's a rather big river and  
only a footbridge there - you have to drive about 10km (over the  
nearest bridge) to get to the other side by car!

The map is not quite nice yet, I'm still working on it.

I have encountered some things that I'm not sure how to map.

1. A hotel complex - comprising a block-sized hotel grounds, on which  
you will usually have a pool, the hotel building itself, perhaps some  
outbuildings, and maybe a park or a bit of woodland; footways even.  
The whole may be walled or fenced off, and even if not it is only for  
hotel patrons.

Simply putting in a node with tourism=hotel does convey the  
information important to people looking for the hotel - but it does  
not make a nice map (and loses information, especially about the  
relative size of hotels).

Tagging the whole thing as an area with building=yes gives the  
imression of a heavily built-up area which would be wrong too.

With the tools currently available, I am thinking about drawing only  
the building outline as building=yes,tourism=hotel,name=xxx (which  
unfortunately doesn't draw the name at the moment but I hear that  
Osmarender5 will fix that, so I won't bother putting an extra  
tourism=hotel node in), and put in the pool as natural=water (even if  
it is anything but natural). And the hotel grounds... I don't know,  
any suggestions?

2. Beaches. There is natural=beach which is not yet rendered in  
Osmarender, but I will fix that (or should I wait for Osmarender5); I  
have added a proposal for an extra tag "beach=..." which can be used  
to further describe the kind of beach, e.g. sand, pebbles, gravel.

On a related note, there are often little (manned) first-aid stations  
on the beaches - I have put in "amenity=first_aid" as a proposal but  
if anyone has a better idea...?

3. The village I stayed at had many block-sized areas of not-really- 
accessible woodland, like this:


Sometimes the walls around it were even higher than depicted here.  
What would you say? natural=wood?


PS: I will read everything in my personal mail folders but can only  
read the past week's list postings selectively so if there's anything  
that needs my attention please tell me.

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