[OSM-talk] namefinder & permalinks on main slippy map

Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Wed Aug 29 10:19:35 BST 2007

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        Stefan Baebler <stefan.baebler at gmail.com> wrote:

> Actually NO, it doesn't make a unnecessary roundtrip.
> "return false;" javascript snippet prevents that in case of a normal
> click on a link. The link would only be used if you intentionally
> instruct your browser to do something explicit with it (eg right
> click, open in new tab, open in new window, send link, copy link
> location....)

Good point. Now implemented.

The only slight problem is that the link will always take you to the
mapnik layer as the links are built by the server and it has no idea
what layer(s) you are viewing.

> Ehm, what exactly is a "normal way" to get the permalink at this moment?
> Remember, we're taking about slippy map on openstreetmap.org, not on
> informationfreeway.

Using the view tab - the URL that it points at is always that of the
currently displayed map.


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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