[OSM-talk] namefinder & permalinks on main slippy map

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Wed Aug 29 10:56:59 BST 2007

Tom Hughes wrote:

> The main reasons I haven't done anything yet are (a) it's hard
> work (b) we already have an (admittedly not very good) solution
> and hence there are more important things and (c) there was talk
> about a more general solution based around a new "Export" tab.

...and (c) I think is still definitely the way to go, even if maybe  
it's a long-term thing.

Ideally the "Export" tab should be the third in the holy trinity of  
free geodata:

1. Look at the data ("View")
2. Change the data ("Edit")
3. Use the data! ("Export")

And it would:

- Show you how to use this OSM map in your own site. (Permalink,  
Google-like API, etc. Interestingly, the one way in which People's Map  
appears to score over OSM thus far is that they provide such an API.)

- Offer options to export in particular formats. (.osm, SVG, .ai, PDF, etc.)


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