[OSM-talk] OSM layer into Adobe Illustrator?

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Hi Philip

I'm glad that Ivan's explanation is satisfactory to you. I support it too.

Personally I'm stoked at the possibility of ITN using our imagery, and I think pretty much everyone else is too.
Overlaying on Google Satellite imagery is fine, and a CC-SA credit to OSM is satisfactory.

Apologies over the confusion .. there are definitely particulars to work out, but in no circumstances do I ever
imagine OSM data requiring attribution to several thousand users, or a wipe of the database. No one is suing

We want ITN to use OSM! Let us know how we can help!


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Thanks, that's very helpful. It certainly sounds more sane. If I could actually find the text of the license I might have read that myself :-)

Also, 'conveying the name (or pseudonym if applicable) of the Original Author if supplied; '

As I understand it, since users can't see who worked on an area through the API, that would mean that the contributor's name was NOT supplied, and therefore wouldn't have to be credited in any case? Only Steve C can see the actual contributors names/pseudonyms.





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El Jueves, 22 de Febrero de 2007 14:23, Barnett, Phillip escribió:
> In that case I'm wasting my time rendering an SVG, which I've just 
> finished doing. For the record, I'm not speaking on behalf of ITN, but 
> in my personal opinion, but there's no way we can touch this 'free' map.
> I'm sure we'd be willing to display a CC-by SA logo, and the OSM URL, 
> but anything else would be IMPOSSIBLE for us to do onscreen - not 
> least listing each and every contributor!

No, you don't have to display *every* contributor of the zone you are about to use. Quote from the CC-by-sa 2.0 license (the one OSM uses), emphasis mine:

4.c. If you distribute, publicly display, publicly perform, or publicly 
digitally perform the Work or any Derivative Works or Collective Works, You 
must keep intact all copyright notices for the Work and give the Original 
conveying the name (or pseudonym if applicable) of the Original Author if 

Translated into plain english: if you can't *reasonably* write 800 names in 
your map, you don't need to. Just display the OSM logo, the CC license logo 
(and URL of the license if possible), and everyone will be happy.

(If you were writing a 2000-page enciclopaedia, then you should have enough 
spare space for writing down 1000 names of OSM contributors - but this is not 
your case)

> I've just confidently pointed our graphics department at this source of
> free, high quality data - now I'm going to have to go back to them and
> say, 'er, sorry guys, I was mistaken - you can't use this data after
> all.'

The problem, IMHO, would be creating a derivative work that mixes 
Google-licensed data with CC-licensed data - section 4.a of CC-by-sa doesn't 
allow you to stick any other license to a derivative work.

Another problem is that the words "derivative work" are clear in a musical or 
literary environment, but not very clear in a GIS environment.
Does *just* overimposing a set of data over another set of data a derivative 
work, or is it a *collective* work?

I think we can suppose that your final product is a collective work, not a 
derivative work. In that case, just be clear about what parts are OSM (GIS 
data), what parts are google's (imaginery), and all is clear.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. However, I'm friends with laywers that helped 
to translate CC licenses, so I'm quite familiar with all this legal 
mumbo-jumbo. But don't ever consider my opinion as final. I am not a lawyer.

I'll be forwarding this to my local CC mailing list, see what do the lawyers 

> Yours disappointedly

Yours "hoping-to-be-helpfully",


Iván Sánchez Ortega <ivansanchez at escomposlinux.org>

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