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On 7/5/07, Chris Fleming <me at chrisfleming.org> wrote:
> Nick Black wrote:
> > Hi David,
> >
> > Yes, you are correct - an AGM is coming up.  Etienne briefly mentioned
> > holding an AGM in London on the 11th August, before the 3rd
> > Anniversary party, that way people who want to attend the AGM and the
> > 3rd anniversary party don't have to make two trips.
> >
> Sounds fair enough.
> Is it worth having the meeting "online" so that people who can't make it
> to London can contribute?

The actual meeting should really be a formality.  Counting of votes etc.
There's a free and open forum for discussion right here.  Any debate that
takes place at the AGM would exclude those who couldn't attend.  So anything
you want to discuss can be discussed right now, right here, in this forum if
you like.  No need to wait for August 11 and no need to ask for permission
to raise an issue or topic.

> Another suggestion that someone at some point made to me (no idea who)
> > was that we should hold nominations and voting before the AGM.  The
> > community needs to decide what (if any) additional officers we need
> > and how we can address some of the challenges we are facing at the
> > moment.  I'll kick off:

Nominations will need to be made some reasonable time before the meeting.
Every member will have one vote, and can vote by proxy if they won't be able
to physically attend the meeting.  These are normal procedures AFAIK.

> > 1) A membership secretery - to take care of registering new OSMF
> > members, letting people know who members are, etc.
> >
> > 2) A representative from some of the non-English language groups.  I
> > propose this to try and counter the feelings of dis-enfranchisement
> > and dis-engangement from OSMF that some people outside of the UK feel.
> >
> > 3) A Press Officer - to take care of general press enquiries regarding
> > OSM and OSMF, including some promotional work.
> >
> A few suggestions/ idea's, What we may want to do is to vote on
> additional officers. Once these officers are voted in, the actual jobs
> could be divided up amongst themselves, this way we get the best people
> rather that voting on people for specific jobs . At this point I
> wouldn't have though more that 5 people would be needed?

There's definitely a role for someone to look after membership records and
the community in general.  A PR person is also something I think will be
needed.  We might also benefit from someone to can progress some of the
legal grey areas.  Its also been suggested that someone with experience of
and responsibility for charitable fund-raising might be useful.

As for broader international representation - I have some thoughts on
establishing a federation of local chapters - this would allow each country
or region to carry out local fundraising etc if they wished.  More about
this after SotM.

Do we need a separate membership and "general secretary"?
> > I think that Etienne should remain as Treasurer - and I would propose
> > that unless someone wants to stand against him, we don't bother voting
> > on the issue.  I think we also need to decide if we need a General
> > Secretery at all.  If we do, I think their role should involve
> > communicating the workings of OSMF to the general OSM community.
> >
> I would be happy with this.

I wouldn't be comfortable holding this position unless ratified by actual
votes from the membership.  I wouldn't want to get flamed with "And who
voted you in?" in six months time ;)

BTW that pre-supposes that I will actually stand for re-election... ;)

Other points:
>   * I would like to see some kind of Statement of Intent proposed to
> define the what and how of the foundation.
>    * I would like to see some more formal rules on
> voting/elections/meetings etc.

I will put up some pages on the Wiki if others agree that this is a good
> idea?

Articles of Association exist and cover most of these points.  I will
publish them on the wiki if you leave a place for them.


> Chris
> > On 7/5/07, David Groom <reviews at pacific-rim.net> wrote:
> >
> >> It must be coming up for, if not already past, the one year anniversary
> of
> >> the OSM Foundation, given that voting for the initial officers started
> on 11
> >> June 2006 and was open for 14 days.
> >>
> >> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Foundation  says that the post
> of
> >> Secretary and Treasurer are one year appointments, so is a re-election
> >> planned?
> >>
> >> Can someone tell us when the accounting year of OSMF Ltd ends, and when
> an
> >> AGM might be planned?
> >>
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