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Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Fri Jul 6 16:34:09 BST 2007

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paul youlten wrote:
> Let's not get distracted by smoking... let's stick to maps.
> So here is the thing: Maps and commerce are closely linked. Always have
> been; 

agreed up to here. But that is actually one of the reasons why OSM
exists (at least for some of us). To decouple the maps from commerce and
make them a true public good.

> always will be.

No. See above.

> Commercial services very clearly add value to maps used by car drivers:
> A road atlas without ferry links, toll bridges, motorway service
> stations, petrol stations isn't as valuable (to drivers) as one with
> this information.

You use google for searching, right? Why do you use a search machine
that ranks according to some kind of objective merit, rather than a
search engine that spits out links first where a company paid most for.

I am not saying that advertizing as long as it is clearly marked as such
(as google does) is bad per se. But your argument is rather weak, as
this is no added value, it only provides a very biased value added: info
on those companies who have shelled out most.

Of course, I want all fast food places displayed. But if McDonalds pays
Mappam to not show any BurgerKing places, then I'd rather not have any
of that "information". Thank you.

OK, done. I'm not going to comment on Mappam anymore.
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