[OSM-talk] no replay-to header at talk

Raphael Studer studerap at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 21:40:58 BST 2007

> > What i expect when i hit "reply" is, the mail is going to where its coming from.
> > In case of a discussion mailling list (as talk at osm) the mail comes
> > from the list.
> > In case of a anounce list, the mail comes from the author.
> There is no technical difference between a discussion list and an
> announcement list.  In both cases the mail comes from the author.

Technicaly there is no difference. But logicaly.
When some one makes an announcement, he speaks in front of all the
others. If someone of the others has got a question about the
anouncement, he wants to ask the speeker.

While discussing, if someone has got a question, he wants to ask
everyone listening for his opinion.

> > I vote for "yes" reply munging, as it makes *my" life easier and the
> > pricacy of others safer.
> How does it protect the privacy of others?
By not sending them mails, i wanted to send everyone.

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