[OSM-talk] Deprecation/move of incorrect tags

Ulf Lamping ulf.lamping at web.de
Fri Jul 13 05:01:25 BST 2007

Corey Burger schrieb:
> Although these services are part of the highway system, I still don't
> think they fit within the highway tag, as they are amenities, used by
> more than just the highway user. The fact that they are near or used
> by highway users is something the next level of software can figure
> out, via users when they ask for "next service station" or similar.
And now we come to the international differences.

In germany, the services are often not part of any other public roads 
than the motorway itself. They are an "island" on the land, only 
connected to the motorway.

They have (at least most of them) dedicated motorway exits that leads to 
nowhere else than the services itself and only a road back to the motorway.

So even when nearby residents want to buy something from the fuel 
station (as they have 24h service and do sell beer), they'll have to 
join the motorway, or use a foot path to it.

It may now be clearer why, at least here in germany, the services are 
really part of the motorway :-)

Regards, ULFL

P.S: I know that in England and the US, services are usually part of a 
normal exit - so the situation is really different here.
P.P.S: That's another good reason why I would like a motorway page - to 
clarify things like these ;-)

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