[OSM-talk] Tagging university roads

Alex S. maps at swavely.com
Tue Jul 17 03:14:44 BST 2007

I would tag the uni roads around here with the same tags I do public 
streets of the same size/type with the addition of appropriate access=* 

The main road through the University is a Secondary, the bulk of the 
rest are Tertiary, with Service or Unclassified where appropriate.  Were 
the main road larger, it would be worth a Primary, but it isn't.

Alex Mauer wrote:
> Adam Schreiber wrote:
>> I've tagged the roads at my university as highway=tertiary.
>> Restricted roads would be listed as "service" though.
> That seems completely inappropriate to me, unless they're actually
> tertiary roads (i.e. bigger than residential/unclassified, smaller than
> secondary).  There's a greater difference between tertiary and service,
> than the access restrictions.

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