[OSM-talk] State of the Map - Feedback

Chris Fleming me at chrisfleming.org
Wed Jul 18 12:17:13 BST 2007

spaetz wrote:
>> 4 What was bad about the conference?
> - I had to sneak out on Sunday to catch my plane, so I couldn't attend any group photos (were there some taken?). Would be nice to not have that taken at the very end.
We did managed to get a group picture at the end of Sunday, I think that 
the original thought was to try and do this at lunchtime, but the 
weather and time was against us....

I put the group pictures I took up at 
They're not great as lots of light was coming from behind, but it's a 
nice record of (most) people who were present.... with some creative 
work we can probably add in the missing people :)



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