[OSM-talk] OSM as Map Publishers (was Re: TomTom acqures TeleAltas)

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Tue Jul 24 10:22:30 BST 2007

80n wrote:

> I've been pondering for some time whether OSM should be hosting our own
> slippy maps or whether our role should be to *only* provide raw data.
> Leaving it to others to render and publish slippy maps etc.

I tend to agree with the view that we should provide enough maps to  
show what we do - but no more.

The current situation seems ideal for that. Mapnik provides the slick,  
roadmap-style overview, Osmarender/t at h the comprehensive, detailed  
coverage (also in an increasingly slick form).

What we do need to do is make it easier for people to render and  
publish their own maps. At present we offer planet (which has grown  
too big for some purposes) and a very atomic API on an already  
highly-loaded server. I'd like an 'Export' (or 'Download', or  
whatever) tab on the map providing more options, and some thought as  
to which formats and delivery mechanisms would make the data most  
accessible. (Apologies to those who were at SOTM and have heard me  
blather on about this already.)

Reinventing geodata should be enough for us to be getting on with - we  
should encourage others, using OSM data, to reinvent the webmap.


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