[OSM-talk] Problems with tunnel rendering

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Jul 31 13:59:36 BST 2007


> The cleanup was required because the original mapper had creatively
> created a collection of split ways so as to cause the thing to render
> as a dashed roadway. Oh dear.

"But it looked nice" ;-)

> Anyway, this is the first tunnel I've created that crosses coastline,
> and I'm not that happy with how it renders on osmarender.

Same problem with tunnels below forests. Problem is that tunnels are  
layer=-1 and forests/oceans/lakes are layer=0 so will always be drawn  
on top.

You might get away with assigning the bit of tunnel that goes below  
the sea a layer=1 (or might also assign the whole length of the  
tunnel layer=1 as long as you make sure anything that goes above it  
is layer=2).

That would probably achieve the desired result, but it would be a  
hack just as the one the original "designer" made.

There has been talk of perhaps always drawing areas before anything  
else (i.e. instead of "first everything at layer -5, then everything  
at layer -4..." do "first all areas at -5, then all areas at -4, ...  
all areas at +5, then everything else at -5..."), but I don't know if  
that is feasible or if there are side effects I don't know of.


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