[OSM-talk] Tiles at Home client update

J.D. Schmidt jdsmobile at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 16:53:37 GMT 2007

J.D. Schmidt skrev:
> Kristian Thy skrev:
>> There seem to be some origin errors with the new curves:
>> http://dev.openstreetmap.org/~ojw/Tiles/tile.php/12/2185/1282.png
>> \\kristian
> Seen it one place else, reported by 80n on IRC to me. By Rerendering it 
> here, it went away.
> I am looking into it, but I am currently guessing someone updated to the 
> Bangkok client and didn't install the version of lines2curves.pl from 
> the T at H folder or didn't install Math::Vec.
> I'll rerender that tileset manually here and check it. Take a look in 
> half an hour at the the tile.
> J.D. "Dutch" Schmidt

Just started the render, and looked at the level 12 tile. Nothing wrong 
here, so my suspicion of a illconfigured client has been strengthened.

J.D. "Dutch" Schmidt

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