[OSM-talk] finding new stuff when mapping

Tom Chance tom at acrewoods.net
Fri Mar 23 12:08:15 GMT 2007

On Friday 23 March 2007 00:55:46 Mike Collinson wrote:
> At 01:13 AM 23/03/2007, SteveC wrote:
> >Has anyone else found any magical places by mapping exhaustively?
> A dozen wonderful little beaches and coves driving up the NSW coast.
>  "Sigh, I'd better drive up that boring, uninteresting looking track/road
> just to put it on the map."

Some people have all the luck :-(

The blackberries Robert mentioned were a good find, I came across many more 
free food outlets whilst cycling around Reading ;-) In St Albans about the 
most exciting thing I've found is a Spiritualist church, but that's sleepy 
extended London suburbia for you!

The thing that always gets me when mapping is just how many people live and 
work in the area. The size of a place is quite abstract on a map but when you 
cycle or walk down every road, marking off every little amenity and land use, 
it becomes much more real, which I really like.


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