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On 3/29/07, Abigail Brady <morwen at evilmagic.org> wrote:
> Osmarender is now showing generic buildings, which is great.   However
> (there is always a however).  Some large buildings (I am thinking
> Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament here) have large
> courtyards within them, and are almost unrecognisable in plan form
> without the courtyards shown.  How should these be tagged?
> (and then how do you mark the buildings inside the courtyard, and then
> any courtyards inside those buildings, down to Little Cat Z.  we
> probably have a similar problem for lakes within islands within lakes,
> thinking about it)

Courtyards within buildings and islands in lakes can be represented by
making the segments go in a clockwise direction for the main outline and in
an anti-clockwise direction for the inner part.  All the segments, both for
the inner and outer parts need to belong to the same way.

There are plenty of examples out there already:



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