[OSM-talk] courtyards?

matthew-osm at newtoncomputing.co.uk matthew-osm at newtoncomputing.co.uk
Thu Mar 29 21:23:59 BST 2007

Hi Etienne,

On Thu, Mar 29, 2007 at 03:40:26PM +0100, 80n wrote:
> On 3/29/07, Abigail Brady <morwen at evilmagic.org> wrote:
> >without the courtyards shown.  How should these be tagged?
> >
> >(and then how do you mark the buildings inside the courtyard, and then
> >any courtyards inside those buildings, down to Little Cat Z.  we
> Courtyards within buildings and islands in lakes can be represented by
> making the segments go in a clockwise direction for the main outline and in
> an anti-clockwise direction for the inner part.  All the segments, both for
> the inner and outer parts need to belong to the same way.

Have you thought about changing osmarender to use the even-odd fill
rule, rather than non-zero? That would then mean that people don't
need to worry about segment direction.

The only case where it would break stuff is if there are ways that are
not planar (i.e. the way crosses itself, maybe like a figure of
eight). I can't see any reason why there would be ways like this, but
maybe there are situations that I have not thought of.



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