[OSM-talk] enough

Mikel Maron mikel_maron at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 30 10:13:51 BST 2007

Going to make this short, since already too much effort has been spent on this issue.

I spend a lot of my own personal time trying to help OpenStreetMap. All of the viewpoints
expressed on the use of Yahoo imagery are appreciated and understood .. and from my
perspective most people really like that we have this option to work with. Others have
pointed out problems, and I'm glad for that, and I will endeavor to clear up ambiguities and
open issues as much as possible. However, a few people have objections, and are voicing 
those objections over and over, in lengthy dispiriting discussions. We are a community, 
and decision making is pretty ad hoc. If I sensed that a large group of OSMers had a problem
with the Yahoo imagery, then I'd respect that and drop it. But rather, we have dissenting
opinions which can't accept that not everyone agrees with them.

This kind of disagreement happens with great regularity on OSM. I've weathered a few in my
time, and while unsurprising, my tolerance is lower than ever. It's extremely tempting to
walk away and give up in the face of such disfunction. I'm not crying out for attention here,
I'm simply saying that the next time there's such an unreasonable and endless discussion,
I'm not sure I'll be around to see it through.

So please stop. Simple. If you have something more to say on the subject, channel that
into the wiki page on Yahoo Imagery .. briefly and with NPV.

Now I'm going to try and recover some excitement for this thing.

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