[OSM-talk] Where have all the contributors gone?

Karl Eichwalder ke at gnu.franken.de
Tue Dec 2 07:18:49 GMT 2008

"Andy Robinson (blackadder-lists)" <ajrlists at googlemail.com> writes:

> This really depends on where you live. If you live in a major city then you
> don't have much option but to map residential streets. Otherwise it's a
> special trip out to the countryside. Not something you can easily do in a
> lunch hour or after work.

Yes, but it depends.  In most German cities public transport systems are
not that bad.  With a bus or lightrail or even riding your bike it does
not take more than 15 or 30 minutes you are in the woods (sad story,
riding additional 15 or 30 minutes you will reach the next village or

> A few locations excepted (eg the USA) the majority of urban conurbations
> don't have Yahoo aerial imagery.

Yahoo just recently started to serve more images in the Northern Bavaria
(Franconia).  It's worth checking from time to time.

Karl Eichwalder

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