[OSM-talk] How to tag this unknown barrier

Miriam Tolke miriat at lycos.de
Tue Dec 2 21:43:40 GMT 2008

>> mapping some areas here I came across some barriers in several places which in my opinion don't fit in those described in [[Map Features]]. I've uploaded a photo to http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Image:Unknown_barrier.jpg. >> >> How do you tag this? > > I would probably tag it as a bollard, since it allows pedestrians and bicycles to pass, but not four wheel vehicles. No, it doesn't look like a bollard, but it serves the same purpose and is after all not _that_ different from a bollard. Thanks Gustav. I tagged it as bollard before and yes, it comes near. But I think at least from the meaning of traffic_calming=chicane mentioned in the other answers it might even better. Thanks, Miriam

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