[OSM-talk] osm2go as yet another desktop tool?

Till Harbaum lists at harbaum.org
Tue Dec 16 10:50:46 GMT 2008


> Define trivial. 
I can just speak for myself and it took me some minutes to be able to 
do anything useful in josm. Potlatch on the other hand gave me very
nice and intuitive first few minutes, but i went in trouble once i 
tried to map things.

Don't get me wrong: I am really not saying "all the existing software
was crap so i had to write my own". I wanted to say: There was and is 
still a niche for other osm editors which i am trying to fill in a way that
differs from the existing software.

And the fact that my first version of osm2go looked pretty much 
mimiced the potlatch view should be taken as a compliment! 

The niches i saw were: Mobile usage and beginner friendlyness.
The latter one will imho become more and more important with 
osm getting more attention from average people.


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