[OSM-talk] Is OSM Mapper ready for 0.6? (was Re: Disable Potlatch finally)

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Wed Dec 17 15:37:01 GMT 2008

Richard wrote:

> Unfortunately if you use
> geturl("javascript:something_or_other") then IE
> fires the you-clicked-on-a-link sound, and if you use fscommand
> it plain
> doesn't work. Or at least I couldn't get it to do so.

I don't think I've customised my sound scheme on my work notebook
(XP Pro) or home machine (Vista) and checking there the current
sound scheme settings have no sound associated with "Begin
Navigation" or "End Navigation" so perhaps the defaults from IE7 are
not to have such a sound? If so then are there many people editing
who haven't installed the update, or Firefox, to avoid security

(Another) patch for IE rumoured to be out at 6pm GMT from what I
hear (via BBC News).


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