[OSM-talk] Is anyone making public transport routing maps basedon OpenStreetMap data?

Joe Hughes joe at headwayblog.com
Wed Dec 17 23:16:36 GMT 2008

On 17 Dec 2008, at 7:05, Peter Miller wrote:
>> I wonder if there is scope for an OpenTimetable.org system or similar,
>> which is an integrated - and open - bus/train timetable database.
>> Transport companies could be invited to supply data to this, and
>> then it
>> could be made available to anyone.

Out of the things that exist today, this is the closest:

but there are couple other related starting points:

Several people on the Transit Developers mailing list have created
bits of software to enter & maintain timetable data, but I don't know
if any of them are in a state to be reused for this.

> Personally I also think it would be good to provide a way for people
> to enter old timetables. I have a bradshaws 1921 railway timetable and

Historical data would be fantastic!

> Are you in favour of a new list to discuss these sorts of things?

You've got my vote for a more public-transport-related list.


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