[OSM-talk] neighbourhoods and suburbs

James Stewart j.k.stewart at ed.ac.uk
Tue Dec 23 10:45:48 GMT 2008

I am adding the names of areas of cities, towns and villages. The only  
way of marking these (at least without drawing the exact boundary) is  
with the tag 'place=suburb'. However there are at least 2 different  
levels of subdivisons in cities - in the case of Madrid there are  
Districts and Neighbourhoods (Barrios). Districts are made up of quite  
a few well known neighbours. Suburb to mark an area of a village does  
not seem right, especially as the name is often rendered in larger  
font than the actual village.
Has anyone else come across this issue, or proposed solutions?

Expanding slightly: there is a level of district or suburb that was  
previously a village or town that has been incorporated into a city,  
or sometimes a large new planned urban development. Sometimes  
districts are largely administrative inventions, (e.g. Parisian  
  The neighbourhoods maybe a traditional name for an area of an urban  
area, or the name of a smaller new development.  IN Paris for example,  
Quartier Latin is a well known example  In Madrid the district of  
Arganzuela is divided into Paseo Imperial, Acacias, Chopera, Legazpi,  
Delicias, Palos de la Frontera, Atocha..
In English we also use the politico-administrative term 'Ward' for  

The issue gets confused when administrative districts/neighbourhoods  
etc do not coincide with traditional usage - one may have formal  
boundaries, the other not. The quartier Latin is in 2 arrondissments.



James Stewart


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