[OSM-talk] JOSM: Import audio with version newer than 1150

Alberto Nogaro bartosomail at yahoo.it
Fri Dec 26 15:36:12 GMT 2008


After I updated JOSM to latest version (v 1178) I started to have problem
with audio. When I import audio and start playing, the play head goes to the
end of the track. If I pause playing and try to drag the play head to
another place on the track and synchronize, I always get the message 'Audio
synchronized at point 0' (no matter which point I choose on the track). As
soon as I resume playing, the play head jumps to the end of the track.


I tried all JOSM versions available on download page, and the last working
version is v 1150. Versions from 1171 and up show this problem.


This happens on Windows. 

Any ideas?


Best regards,



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