[OSM-talk] Tag:highway=cycleway inconsistency

Stephen Gower socks-openstreetmap.org at earth.li
Thu Jul 3 16:58:10 BST 2008

On Thu, Jul 03, 2008 at 03:53:40PM +0100, Andy Allan wrote:
> ... but to be honest, I'm not entirely comfortable with it, and I
> still think the lane/lane_opposite doesn't handle things fully either.
> I found a bit in Hyde Park where there was a one-way road with cycle
> lanes on both sides - with all three lanes going in the same direction
> - and I don't know how to model that in OSM either.

Oxford's Donnington Bridge has in different sections

 <-> Pavement                     <-> Pavement
     --------                      -> Cycle lane
  -> Cycle lane                   <-  Cycle lane
 <-  Cycle lane                       ----------
     --------                      -> Cycle lane
  -> Main carriageway              -> Main carriageway
 <-  Main carriageway             <-  Main carriageway
 <-  Cycle lane                   <-  Cycle lane
     --------                         ----------
 <-> Pavement                     <-> Pavement 

Where ---- indicates a kerb.  I'm afraid my ascii art isn't up to describing
how they join, but be assured it doesn't involve car drivers having to make
last minute decisions at speed.

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