[OSM-talk] [review] Sparc systems gps data logger gdl-3204

Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon at au-kbc.org
Wed Jul 9 10:48:41 BST 2008


I recently got hold of the latest prototype of the above data logger  
that is being manufactured by a Mumbai firm. In looks it is an  
unimpressive rectangular box without a display. It is meant purely  
for logging trackpoints and waypoints. It claims to be 32 channel and  
has 4 MB RAM.

It has
1. power/lo battery LED
2. Satellite LED - glows red on satellite acquisition
3. Computer/Memory full LED
4. Waypoint LED

1. Power button
2. Computer button
3. Waypoint button

It runs on a Nokia cell phone battery and can be charged with a  
standard nokia charger. There is a serial port and a screw to attach  
an antenna.

The antenna comes with a 3 metre cable and has a powerful magnet. A  
serial cable is provided with two outlets - one for downloading the  
GPS data and the other for direct instrument to computer reading. The  
cable also has a bell-push for recording waypoints.

in a car, stick the antenna on the roof, the instrument inside and  
tape the way point bellpush to the steering wheel - similar  
arrangement for a bike. Walking, keep the unit in a pocket, the  
antenna in a shirt pocket and the waypoint bell push in your hand.

Getting data:
Connect to a PC using a serial-usb cable. Type cat /dev/ttyUSB0 >  
filename.txt, and the data is transferred. It can be converted to gpx  
format using:


Much better than my old garmin 72. I had walked around on the  
footways of a park with the device this morning in heavily overcast  
conditions with heavy tree cover - the paths marked here are without  
tweaking - just join-the-dots:


Incidentaly the device also has the logo of FSF India on the top, so  
I suppose this signifies that everything in the device is free software.

The device is not in production yet, but I am reviewing it because I  
feel that efforts like this need to be encouraged - very good job of  
adapting a device for the use of the enthusisastic mapper.

caveat: I am not an employee of sparc systems nor do I get commission  
from them.


Kenneth Gonsalves
Associate, NRC-FOSS
lawgon at au-kbc.org

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