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Apologies, I missed the link in the previous email:


[1] http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=52.50163
TF> &lon=-1.87931&zoom=17&layers=B00FTF






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>On Thu, 10 Jul 2008, Richard Fairhurst wrote:


>> Er, I've driven past that one a handful of times (some friends used to

>> live in Pontardawe) and if it's the road I'm thinking of - down

>> towards the KFC - it _is_ unclassified. Well, either that or tertiary;


>It can't possibly be unclassified - an unclassified road is a single

>carriage way, usually with no centre line.  This road is a dual

>carriageway with two lanes in each direction.  I need to go and survey the

>area to see if it has an A or B number - if it doesn't then it's a

>tertiary, definately not an unclassified.  (and given the size of

>the road I would be *extremely* surprised if it didn't have an A B or C



>> Why not just leave them alone until you have the time to properly

>> survey them, rather than assuming you know better than the original

>> mapper?


>Two reasons:

>1. Informing people who are using the map that the classification is

>unknown rather than giving them an almost certainly incorrect

>classification is a Good Thing.

>2. Making it more obvious that the road need surveying means that it can

>be done systematically (possibly by more than just one person too).


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