[OSM-talk] New: 'OSM Mapper' for OpenStreetMap Contributors, by Ito World

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Sat Jul 19 21:50:08 BST 2008

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> From: Shaun McDonald [mailto:shaun at shaunmcdonald.me.uk]
> Sent: 19 July 2008 19:59
> To: Tim Waters (chippy)
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> Subject: Re: [OSM-talk] New: 'OSM Mapper' for OpenStreetMap Contributors,
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> On 19 Jul 2008, at 19:44, Tim Waters (chippy) wrote:
> > It is a very good tool! many many thanks! It's making me want to map
> > more, to climb higher up the charts, heh.
> >
> > Also, I note, that for my area, over half the contributors add just
> > one or two features, a pub here, a road there. This is really
> > encouraging for the project, in my opinion, it shows people just
> > adding their little bit - something that in the future, I think we
> > will see much more of (possibly even negating the need for a login for
> > just a casual edit).
> Could it be that it is a mapper who is just passing through the area
> that you are looking at?
> It's not the first time I've done a long cycle and edited the odd
> thing here and there on the way. It might be a hard core mapper who is
> just touching a corner of the bounding box that you are looking at.
> Shaun

If I could give a general response to the comments today...

Firstly, we are very pleased to hear that people are enjoying our new
product. The humming and gently vibrating servers confirm that a healthy
number of people are having a nose around. Thanks for the feedback and ideas
for future enhancements.

We have made a number of tweeks to the product today in response to
experience. The main one has been to adjust the RSS format to make it work
better with more readers and to include an RSS symbol in the URL bar which
defaults to 'all sessions' unless any filters are applied. We need to do
more work on RSS over the next couple of days. We have moved the 'export
image' to make it more prominent. If you want an image then do use this link
to create an image of the size and format you prefer with a tile, subtitle,
key and date burned into the body of the image.

Re Shaun's comment about knowing more about other mappers... I think it
would be good to be able to provide more information about people's mapping
patterns; to indicate how long they have been mapping, how many changes they
have been made and details of their recent sessions. Let's not expose
people's mapping patterns unnecessarily but I think it is relevant to know
if a mapper is new, or is a national railway expert, a proof-reader or
indeed someone that other mappers have had problems with. Ideally this would
fit into the proposed 'roll-back' functionality.

Regarding Chippy's comment about getting to the top of list... I do hope we
are not increasing the intensity or people's 'compulsive mapping disorder'!
I know the seriousness of the condition and hope that the league table
doesn't lead to people leaving home for months on end to get to the top
spot, and thereby precipitate others to do the same! As we close in on
completion will we find a whole gaggle of thin and wretched mappers, all
wearing tatty orange OSM jackets, racing towards the one remaining unmapped
village to get to the top of the list!



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