[OSM-talk] Wiki: chriscf vandalism

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I'm basically in agreement ... Good contribution to the debate ... this is
beginning to get constructive ... Obviously we're not hard core enough, you
and I. 

Mike Harris

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Hi Guys,

I would love to start mapping, and have used both both the JOSM editor and
Potlatch a small amount, and found the tags the most complicated feature. I
can cope with nodes, open & closed ways etc no problem, but understanding
the difference between all the tags and using the right tags in the right
place requires either remembering all the tags, or looking them up each

I find this hard, and having some central place I can go to see all the
different tags is essential. (Although I think that the Map_Features page
would benefit from being split up a bit, it is huge!)

Anyway, back to the topic.
29 votes on a feature is pretty poor, when the stats on OSM state that there
are 88994 users. How do we engage people like me? I would like to but have
never voted on anything on OSM. It is no wonder 'hard-core' 
osmers ignore the results of a vote consisting of 0.03% of the community.

Is there (or could there be) a weekly or monthly newsletter informing of
changes that week/month and proposing any new tags?
This talk mailing list gets far too many emails to expect everyone to
monitor, but a monthly mailshot with bare bones of what is happening
(current stats, perhaps special thanks to major contributors that month
etc) together with proposed tags, closing dates, bullet points arguments for
and against each tag, with links to more details etc would help to keep me
informed anyway.

Finally, people who use the tags are more likely to have a better
understanding of how the should be used, and so perhaps should have a
greater say in matters. How about multiplying their vote by their
contribution in the last year? If someone wants a dictatorship, you better
get mapping!

My 2 cents.


Sven Rautenberg wrote:
> Richard Fairhurst schrieb:
>> With smoothness that's gone out of the window. As far as I'm 
>> concerned, with the approval of smoothness=very_horrible (come 
>> _on_!), all bets are off. The voting system has just voted itself 
>> into irrelevance.
> I take it that you oppose this tag. Why haven't you said so in the 
> voting section until now?
> :)
> Regards,
> Sven
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