[OSM-talk] Key:smoothness

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Mon Feb 2 08:06:09 GMT 2009

> Should we have a page "detailed mapping of roads" or 
> something similar? Could be useful, imho, for 
> traffic_calming, service, tracktype and some less used 
> tags like bus_guideway.

This point was distracted into a do/don't split map features. In my
opinion it would be handy to have such a page as suggested and that
can exist as well as map features rather than instead of some part
of it.

I have a number of useful (to me) wiki links in my favourites as
well as Map Features, such as Relations/Turn_Restrictions, Key:addr,
UK_Countryside_mapping, UK_public_rights_of_way and others. I don’t
want bits split off map features which is really just a simple but
very handy list of keys (Ctrl-F helps me search for what I want
without having to read the whole page), but I'm all for pages giving
more detailed information to be available.

I suspect I'm one of those who missed the initial vote on
smoothness. It is a tag I'd never use, a tag I can't understand how
you'd quantify when every tagger may choose a different value, and a
tag I therefore see as pointless. I didn't think me never wanting to
use it was a good enough reason to vote for a tag. If someone wants
to use it then they will whether it is approved or not. Having it
documented in the wiki just makes it more likely someone else will
also use it. I'm sure I've used tags for items that aren't in the
wiki (e.g. amenity=dog_bin which I think was discussed here before).
If there is something you feel needs mapping and you can't find a
documented tag in the wiki then you will create your own. But I
still think smoothness relies too much on subjectivity to ever be
useful for anything.


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