[OSM-talk] NZ LINZ data import and attribution

Joe Richards joefish75 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 3 13:51:29 GMT 2009

I have been doing some mapping in New Zealand recently, and came across the page which discusses a potential import of all the roads and streets in New Zealand in one fell swoop, thanks to Land Information New Zealand/LINZ giving the go-ahead for this.

It appears to be hanging on a minor technicality, ie attribution of the datasource.  Since this is potentially a huge advance for New Zealand mapping, what is exactly the sticking point, ie do LINZ really require a notification on the map while being browsed?  Or is just having the attribution on a message somewhere (e.g. a wiki page, or even a link to that page as an attribute on each node/way etc)?  The distinction is fairly important here, since attributions are common elsewhere too.  For example there is a Berkley University attribution tucked away in all copies of Windows to acknowledg the use of the TCP/IP stack.

If this is actually stuck, can someone please update the wiki page with a summary of the stumbling block?  It doesn't seem clear from the wiki page what LINZ really want, since the attribution text can be included somewhere in the dataset or linked from it.


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